Personal Timing Sessions

The broad definition of Numerology is: the study of cycles and patterns in Time through the symbols of Numbers

 It doesn't matter which calendar system you are using, the symbols 1-9, plus zero, describe frequencies, and will always indicate the same opportunities and traits in each cultural translation.

These commonly used frequency symbols- the Numbers in Time,  are descriptors of a very simple, LINEAR into NON-LINEAR coding system that provide the key to what is coming to you Next, and the probable outcomes based on knowing what Time is and how use it to your advantage, through your own personal Timing cycles.

It's NOT magic, it's frequency.  And, understanding YOUR personal timing cycles can save you from having do-overs on certain mundane topics so you can finally make some headway in your
 own manifestational mastery.  

For those who are seeking simple, no-fuss, naturally occurring tools NOW for clarification of Self-awareness and direction toward personal expansion, and success,  we have an ever-expanding bag of options and resources to share for connecting the dots along your Time experience as an awakening Multi-Dimensional Creator Being.

Numerologist, Carmelle Migliore,  has successfully assisted to Illuminate options and opportunities for personal expansion in all of our consultations, workshops, and talks.   She has received invitations to speak on NUMEROLOGY, and the Simple Language of Time  from Universities and community organizations, and has also appeared on a variety of media programing.   She has hosted talk radio programs, appeared on access TV, focusing on sharing her simple techniques for using numeric frequency keys for practicing Now in  the Time classroom as a simple way of maintaining Joyful personal power and momentum.

NOTE: ALL TRANSLATIONS CAN BE WRITTEN and sent by email to transcend any language limitations by way of (Google Translate).

  • Personal sessions open up a whole new way to look at Time, and to anticipate the best options regarding how and where your personal Time wave is designed for success and Mastery.
  • Personal sessions and coaching, using your own Time map,  can gently reassure your Dreams and show you the pathways for your success as well as harmony in your relations and partnerships, business and personal.
These empowering personal sessions with Carmelle are currently offered via Skype, or by Face Time , or phone, and include calculations and Translation of your primary Number frequencies for a better grasp of your innate gifts and talents, and a view of the opportunities before you, within your own Timing map.  

[ FEEDBACK In the words of past and ongoing clients:]

(1 hr) Personal Frequencies Translation Session: 
$99, ... follow up sessions $45, after that. 

Carmelle calculates your CORE frequencies using your birth date and name, and provides new perspectives of your gifts and talents, validates your deeper intentions and desires, and also gives an overview of where you are in your current Time cycle with a view of the windows of opportunity that are opening for you in terms of achieving your personal goals and objectives.   These sessions are full of useful tips on how to use your daily calendar to work WITH Time for more flow in your projects and relationships.  

(2 Hr) Relationship Harmonics for couples and partnerships:

 $250 : 2 charts, plus frequency compatibility analysis. 

Relationship sessions focus on highlighting the Gifts and Talents of the individual partner, and combines both frequecy patterns for addressing Balance and participation as INdividuals, and as a Creative Unit.  

FAMILY/Group HARMONICS Charts and Translations Sessions: 
$125 pp / individual charts plus compatibility analysis. 
(2 Skyp sessions: 1) individual overviews 2) Harmonics analysis as a Collective.

Flexible PRIVATE COACHING packages available.