About Carmelle

Professional Timing consultant, ; and educator, Camelle Migliore, connects her life long interests in the Arts and Sciences within her network of Conscious observation and experiences with an astute focus on frequency research and the energetics of Life.

Her deep appreciation for beauty is inseparable from her high Intuitive skills, multi-dimensional interaction, and natural attunement to the languages of Symbology which lead her to teach and share her insights, experiences, and discoveries through her writings, media projects, and her artwork.

For those who are seeking simple, no-fuss, naturally occurring tools for clarification and validations of Self awareness and direction toward expansion, Carmelle has an ever expanding bag of options and resources to share for connecting the dots along your Time experience as an awakening Multi-Dimensional Creator Being for adapting personal balance and fulfillment through the use of the simple tools at hand- NUMBERS.

Carmelle has successfully assisted to Illuminate spectrums of options and opportunities for personal expansion in all of her consultations, workshops, and Translation gatherings.   
She has received invitations to speak on NUMEROLOGY and the Simple Language of Time from Universities, local churches, and community and web organizations, and broadcasters.   

She has also appeared on local access television programing, and hosted talk radio programs, sharing the simple techniques for using numeric frequency keys for practicing Now, as a Way of Life and maintaining in Joyful personal power.

Carmelle has many years of facilitating Whole-Life and sensorial learning experiences including Numbers Playshops, and Art Parties with children of all ages, as well as Wellness and Safety programs in various US cities.   

Her sharing style is uplifting and interactive as she playfully shifts the participants focus toward the vast potentials of Self expression, using her ability to communicate information simplistically.